Elettrotek CC Flat Cable H05VVH6-F-188 H07VVH6-F-188

สายไฟ Elettrotek CC Flat Cable H05VVH6-F-188 H07VVH6-F-188

Cold-flexible flat cable for cranes and conveyors

Conforms to the EC low voltage guideline 73/23/EEC

 Technical data

Rated voltage:

 up to 1.0mm² :300/500 V

from 1.5 mm²:450/750V

Test voltage:


Conductor stranding:

fine copper strands acc. to DIN VDE 0295, class 5

Insulation resistance : min. 20 MOhm X km

Temperature range:

Min.20 MOhm X km

Temperature range:

fixed application: -30°C to +70°C

Flexible installation : -5°C to + 70°C

Bending radius :

Flexible application

Up to 8 mm thickness: 5 X cable thickness

Up to 12 mm thickness: 8 X cable thickness

Up to 12 mm thickness: 10 X cable thickness

 Approvals :

Acc. to DIN VDE0281 part 403 and part 404

 The  harmonized CC-flat cable-118 is suitable indoors as a control and link-up cable for crane and conveyor systems as well as for moving machine parts. In comparison to round cables these closely laid cores achieve a considerable smaller bending radius. The CC-fexibal PVC outer sheath enables it to be even used at low lifts and hoists as long as the suspension length does not exceed 35 m and outer sheath is extensively resistanct to oil, fat, acid and lye


Fine strands of bare copper wire, PVC core insulation, core colour acc. To DIN VDE 0293,part 308, 6 cores or more with green/yellow green/yellow protective conductor in the outer middle, outer sheath out of cold-flexible PVC,flame retardant  (acc.to DIN VDE 0482, part 265-2-1 resp. EN 50265-2-1 and IEC 60332-1) colour black.



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