Elettrotek CC Schleppflex PUR-C-592

สายไฟ Elettrotek CC Schleppflex PUR-C-592

Low capacitance, superflexible halogen-free data cable, shielded

Conforms to EU low- voltage guideline 73/23/EEC

 Technical data

Conductor stranding:

Superfine copper strands acc. to DIN VDE 0295, class 6

Operation capacity at 800Hz:

Core/core approx.60 nF/km

Core/shield approx.160 nF/km

Insulation resistance : min. 200 MOhm X km

Temperature range:

fixed application: -40°C to +80°C

Flexible installation : -5°C to + 80°C

Bending radius :

5 X cable diameter

Approvals :

Acc. to DIN VDE 0245, 0281,0812

UL:syle 20549,20233 CMX

CSA:AWM C 22.2 N 210.0-M90 FT1

CC-Schleppflex  PUR-C592 UL/CSA superflexible shielded with low capacitance is used as a data and single cable in power supply chains. Sensor technology .Computer systems and control devics for measurement and control technology as well as industrial rebots and handling equip, ent, for in- and outdoor use .it can be used in areas where aggressive and mineral oils occur and wher the cable is exposed to high mechanical stress and small bending redius. The overall copper shield ensures exact data transmission and protects the cable agintst eletomagnetic disturbances and influenes.the PUR outer sheath is cut, notch and abrasion resistant.


Superfine strands of bare copper wire,polyolefin core insulation. Core colours acc. To DIN 47100,cores twisted in layers in very short lay lengths, tinned copper shield.PUR-based outer sheath is flame retardant and self-extinguishing

(acc.to DIN VDE 0482, part 265-2-1 resp. EN 50265-2-1 and IEC 60332-1),non-adhesive,resistance to hydrolysis and microbes. Colour grey (RAL 7001).


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