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70W LED Flood Light

70W LED Flood Light
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70W LED Flood Light

Product features
1. Energy : Use COB LED as light source , Save energy 80% than tradtional bulb.
2. Environmental protection:No mercury,lead and so on some bad substance for human. No pollution to the
environment, no infrared and ultraviolet, avoid the harm to human body, belongs to the green lighting products.
3. Long life span: 50000 hours.
4. Use high brightness led cob light, And the heat sink is fixed as a whole, make the product more solid and
reliable, ensure the service life.
5. Input voltage is AC85V-265V, better for install and use .
6. Use constant current driver ,No flicker .
7. Installation adaptability: can be installed in any position, not restricted.
8. Direct light, lighting good directivity, than the traditional lamp has high luminous efficiency
9. Subjects using aluminum has good thermal conductivity, LED touch with electric coated copper conduction.

Used range :
Use for billboard, Highway, railway tunnel, square, parking lot, construction sites, industrial sites and other area

2.Technical parameters Basic technical parameters

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